Inspired to keep going

Good Wednesday morning! 

Yesterday at our Counter Tools team meeting, we had a lively discussion about what we can do to (really, meaningfully) help local public health workers change the tobacco policies and store environments that keep people sick. 

You see, when we started Counter Tools two years ago, we were a group of students, researchers, and staff at UNC. We built the Store Audit Center for use in our own retail-tobacco-control-focused research projects. We built the first generation Store Mapper to showcase all of the brilliant work that our partner Margaret and her team have been doing for tobacco control and prevention in North Carolina. Then one day, a cherished leader in local tobacco control asked us to make our two software tools available to her Minnesota-based team. 

Full of bugs and only at “Version 1.0”, we shipped our work on June 28, 2012 and started something new. 

Two years, one month, and 9 days later, we have a vision to move beyond providing software tools to being change makers with our companions at the local level.

I just said that out loud.

And again, Good Wednesday Morning to you! Let’s go be brave.


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