On my bookshelf: Top 10 resources for why retail tobacco marketing matters

In the last two weeks I’ve been putting together talks for the Triangle Global Health Consortium and the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program. They are both thrilling new opportunities to talk about our research assessing tobacco retail environments in Beirut and London, and my love of helping practitioners do policy change work at home here in the US. 

Retail tobacco control is new enough that every time I give a talk, I remind my audience of the terrible burden tobacco causes in the world (It’ll kill 1 billion people this century!), and how the retail environment is where this toxic force enters our community.

2014-09-10 13.47.06

Here is my short list of key readings and papers to make the case for retail policy change… highly recommended for anyone interested in joining our movement for change.  

  1. 2012 Surgeon General’s Report — Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults (See Chapter 5!)
  2. Deadly Alliance: How Big Tobacco and Convenience Stores Partner to Market Tobacco Products and Fight Life-Saving Policies
  3. Point-of-Sale Report to the Nation
  4. Point-of-Sale Strategies: A Tobacco Control Guide
  5. A Longitudinal Study of Exposure to Retail Cigarette Advertising and Smoking Initiation
  6. The Impact of Tobacco Promotion at the Point of Sale: A Systematic Review
  7. A Systematic Review on the Impact of Point-of-Sale Tobacco Promotion on Smoking
  8. Tobacco in the Retail Environment Fact Sheet
  9. State of Evidence Review: Point of Sale Promotion of Tobacco Products
  10. The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use

See some of you next week in Chapel Hill, Bozeman, or Boston! Keep going!




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