Thank you, Seth and friends.

Me and the most generous man in the world, Seth G.

Something really amazing happened to me this year. I had the incredible privilege to spend a week with Seth Godin and 14 fellow artist entrepreneurs in Seth’s office outside New York City, in something he called “The Agenda Session“. We talked about hope and fear, about shipping our work. We toiled through strategies versus tactics, wrestled with possibilities, and each chose a “nearly impossible” project to make change in the world. I miss Seth and our group every single day. My “Man in a Hurry” water bottle and silly Seth Godin action figure sit like the many Buddhas around my house, reminding me to believe in myself, remove the fear, and GO!

Truth is, I need those reminders! On Monday morning of this week I was overwhelmed looking at the week ahead of me. Give one talk, drive to the airport, fly to Bozeman, stay the night, wake up early, drive to Helena, participate in a two day conference, lead a two hour session, drive back, fly to Boston… Blergh! Then something amazing happened. We Agenda-Kids got a sweet note from Seth and a long email reply all chain ensued – the BEST possible kind! With the help of my love Eric, I dusted away my overwhelm and did what Seth instructed us to do: Be a professional. Put on your smock, and DO the work. Get comfortable with the unknown. Find delight in dancing with the fear.

It’s been an amazing, delightful trip so far. Montana is BEAUTIFUL. And the people – amazing, dedicated, curious, brave! Tobacco control program? STRONG. In a bit, I’ll head to the Bozeman airport and go to Boston. Tonight, I get to have dinner with Agenda-friends Casper and Andrew, and Friday and Saturday I spend the day with a handful of my favorite tobacco control advocates at a tobacco end-game conference.

I am a lucky, lucky person to be able to do this work. It’s hard, uncertain, and there’s a lot of it. But we get by with a little help from our friends. Thank you, team.


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Seth and friends.

  1. You inspire me too Allison! However I also love the chimp & orangoutang In your picture with Seth. Are those photos or paintings. Do you know the artists? Have a great time in Montana & Boston. Look forward to a long walk to hear all about it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words about us and our program, and thanks for your contribution to our conference. You listened, observed, and gave us some great information which shook us up and will move us forward! I’m still getting calls and questions, which means you made a big impression.

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