On my mind: M&M’s and the Lizard Brain.

Here’s the thing… doing policy, systems and environmental interventions that promote public health is not easy. As a collective unit, we public health people know a lot about “what works” – but also have a lot to learn. We are stretched, busy, hopeful, curious, persistent, trying to focus on doing hard work.

For all of my stretched and hopeful colleagues, I offer two inspiring breaks in the action…

First, a Ted talk from Jason Fried on why work doesn’t happen at work, because of the M & Ms! MANAGERS AND MEETINGS!

Second, a talk from my dear mentor Seth Godin on The Lizard Brain and how we must get it to SHUT UP, in order to do our best work. (More on the lizard brain here.)

H/T to seth on his blog for this image.

Now, everyone, three deep breaths (or five, and a cup of tea), and let’s go get things done.

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