Midwest Academy Fight Song: …Through concrete victories!!

(Sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic…)

Mine eyes have seen the power of our coalition board.

We are tramping on the targets who want all the wealth to hoard.

We have loosed a great constituency and brought new folks aboard,

Through concrete victories!


Plan the strategy together.

Work the strategy together.

Win the strategy together.

Organizing makes us strong!

On the newsprint at the meetings, we our goals articulate.

Coalition building strategies we must succinctly state.

We identify the forces to whom we best can relate,

Through concrete victories!

We identify the people who can give us what we need.

We develop all the actions that will make THEM pay us heed.

And give back to common people what THEY’VE stolen in THEIR greed!

Through concrete victories!


[Find this song on page 395 of the book: Organizing for Social Change: Midwest Academy Manual for Activists, 4th Edition; written by Peter Shuchter and other participants in the Spring, 1990 Midwest Academy training session in Philadelphia.]

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