On my desk today: Dancing with fear


I talk pretty openly about fear: what it says in my brain, how I work to ignore it, how I put on my smock and do the professional work of dancing with my fear and moving forward. It’s fear that tries to convince you that you don’t have enough time, or enough training, or enough expertise, or that someone else might be better suited to do that job. The work I do everyday is about trusting myself and taking the leap. By trusting myself, I decide that I have plenty of time, plenty of training, and plenty of expertise. I take on the responsibility of bringing my art, my service, into the world and offering it. What I humbly have to give won’t be for everyone, but it could be for someone, and so I keep going.

On my desk today:

1. The fitness challenge from my gym, because, Christmas cookies and PhD student stress.

2. My dissertation proposal, because today is the day the talk gets put together, whether I’m FEARFUL or not.

3. Seth’s new book, Your Turn, because it’s my turn (and it’s yours too).

Enjoy your day.

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