Stories and projects

I put on my artists’ smock today to do the hard work of pulling together the final version of a strategic document for a client. Many team members have been putting in a lot of time to produce something meaningful… something meant to change the way our partners see the world and their work in it. We’re trying to tell a new story about place-based public health.

whats your story

That’s a tall order. We could get rejected. Our strategy might not work. We are working at the edge of the ‘known’ in public health, inventing our way into the future based on the most promising science — and hope. Moving forward with head and heart.

I hope the story we’re telling — of how to go farther despite challenge or tension — will be embraced.

For health!

PS. I’ve been listening to Leap First, about “making work that matters”. It’s a new audio recording from my friend Seth. He recorded it when we were together last summer in his office just outside New York City, and you can hear us clapping and cheering in Track 28.

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