Now what?

According to a sweet little app on my phone (DAYS), I started the PhD program 2,006 days ago. Just a few minutes ago, 4 days in advance of the deadline, I sent my “complete” dissertation to my committee, because those are the rules.

UNC guidelines stipulate that you (1) send your completed dissertation to your committee five weeks in advance of your defense, then (2) defend it publicly in front of God and everybody, then (3) privately with your committee (April 5th), then (4) make any last revisions and (5) turn it in to the graduate school by April 14th at 4 pm in time for May 7th graduation.

So today begins the line of events that call me “phinished”. Done. Graduated. Dr.


Now what?

Whoa, such possibility! That’s the beauty of shipping my art out into the Universe, I guess. As I sit here in one of my favorite spots, at the kitchen table on Iva Ada Drive, there is a buzzing silence. Charles the dog is snoring. I see a breeze outside; Carolina blue sky. Spring is in the air, all things fresh and new.

Here we go!

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