New project: The Sea Chest

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Eric and I went to Maine in June 2016 after we got married. It was a post-PhD-graduation trip and also a honeymoon. We spent several wonderfully quiet days with my Aunt Mary (Myers) and Uncle Rick Bury in Machiasport, along the Machias River. It. was. glorious.

The tiny stones I (sorry) gathered at Jasper Beach are perched on the kitchen counter as a reminder of our trip. Even Mint in Algeria has one of them because apparently smooth stones like the ones from Jasper Beach, in the absence of water, can be used for ablution prior to prayer.

During our visit I got to see first hand the “Sea Chest”, a wooden trunk with rope handles and two secret drawers, safely kept by my Aunt Mary until it was time for the chest to be passed to me.

Now, I have the trunk. Eric and I drove to Winchester, Virginia last weekend to retrieve it from the garage of a family friend who so generously hauled it from Machiasport south. We rented a black Dodge Grand Caravan with Stow-N-Go seats and booked ourselves a room at the Hampton Inn.

Here’s the trunk, properly secured thanks to Mr. Vandervort:




The Sea Chest has been passed down through the women on my Dad’s side of the family – I can call them “the Myers women” – but that isn’t the full story. The Sea Chest comes to me from the Myers, Stickell, Sourbier, and Wells women. Here is the possession of the trunk, if we were a chain letter:

  1. Allison Elizabeth Myers, born 1978
  2. Mary Lee Myers Bury, born 1949
  3. Mary Elizabeth Stickell, born 1914 (who, by the way, was 32 when she married)
  4. Viola Francis Sourbier, born 1889
  5. Mary Elizabeth Wells, born 1859

I can’t wait to learn more about these women! Here is the first treat:



Parrots, anyone?


This is amazing:



And here are two pins, with a note to “Mr. Jacob Sourbeer & Wife” (her name was Mary Elizabeth Wells but times were different then – she was born 157 years before this writing).


And these beauties:


So far I have only opened up two boxes. There is so much to treasure! Stay tuned.