To the lake!

At Counter Tools we believe in doing good work for public health — and we include our own health and wellbeing in that mix. It’s so important! And too often it eludes us.

We are still a nonprofit, living on a shoe string, but we do what we can! We are a Living Wage Certified Company, we pay our people market rate rather than peanuts, we encourage flexible work schedules and locations, we offer five weeks of paid vacation and close down on holidays…

AND, yet, there is always, always, always room to improve. Do I get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day? Not really. Do I eat too many salty, greasy things? Maayyyyybe.

But every day is a chance to let go and begin again. As a leader I am committed to setting a good example… so here Eric and I go to the lake.

GASP. I’m using my vacation time.

Wish me luck! And please let’s help each other take good breaks, eh? xoxo





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