Life in Beaver Nation

I woke up this morning, remembering this website. With that, I could hear my friend Ellen (also a member of my personal board of directors) offering the suggestion – years ago – that this could be a place where I record or test out ideas.  At the time of the suggestion, I was executing – going through the motions – not ideating. Not much to say, really.

That sure has changed.


Here’s a short list of life changes since the last post when Eric and I ‘Went to the Lake’ in May 2017:

  • Was offered and accepted a position as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow (June 2017);
  • Packed up some stuff and moved into an Arlington, VA, 517 square foot apartment with an easy commute to Capitol Hill (August 2017);
  • Landed in a Senate office as a health staffer (December 2017);
  • Wrestled with my ambition, professional trajectory, relationship to the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ (Well, always, but it was heavy in January 2018);
  • Got word of a Center for Health Innovation gig at Oregon Sate University, and threw my hat in the ring, having never been to Oregon (January 2018);
  • Made three trips to Oregon in Spring 2018 as Eric and I pondered a life change (March, April, May 2018);
  • Finished my DC experience (August 2018);
  • Returned to North Carolina to pack the house, say goodbye to the old, sell the house, and get ready for a Big Move (August 2018);
  • Drove cross-country with our dear buddy Chip, and three dogs in a rented Enterprise Cargo Van, following Eric in the truck with boat, and landed in Albany Oregon (still August 2018);
  • Began work as the inaugural full time director of the Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation – where my mission is to connect, and create conditions for remarkable work for our students, our faculty, and our neighbors across the state of Oregon and beyond (September 2018).

Today we’ve been in Oregon just over six months and we’re building a new life. There is sadness and opportunity, joy and fear, isolation and budding community — you know, the usual. 😉




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